Betting sites with cash out – Should you hold your nerve or take the winnings? Updated for April 2024

Betting sites with cash out

Updated: 1 June

Cashing out a bet is one of the best tools available at the top UK betting sites with cash out.

This must-have feature lets you settle your bets and cash out before the game is finished. So, you are guaranteed at least some profit or reduce losses.

Because this feature enhances your betting experience, betting with the cash out feature is becoming one of the most popular playing experiences for serious bettors, but it takes a keen eye to know when to use it.

Keep reading to learn more about the cash out feature, its pros and cons, and legal UK sportsbooks offering a cash out feature.

What is the cash out feature on UK betting sites?

Cash out is a really simple feature that allows you to settle a wager before the game is actually finished.

Although some sportsbooks may have a different name for this feature, all the top sites offer some form of cash out option. Some sportsbooks make all their cash out feature “buy out” or “early settlement,” but they refer to the same general feature.

The main idea behind cash out is that you can settle a bet before the game ends. The benefit of this feature is that you can guarantee at least some wins or minimize your losses. However, you get a lower payout price in exchange.

In the case that a game looks like it will play out in your favor, you probably won’t want to use the cash out feature because your earnings will be reduced.

Conversely, use the cash out feature if it’s looking like your wager is incorrect and you want to make the best of a somewhat bad situation.

When are cash outs offered?

Cash outs can be offered multiple times throughout the betting experience. Most often, cash out is offered whenever the event is going on. In this way, cash out can be viewed as a form of live betting.

For long-term or season-long bets, cash outs can also be offered halfway through the season.

This is perfect for futures.

How do Bookmakers calculate cash out amounts?

Sportsbooks that offer cash out will have a cash out calculator.

That calculator determines the cash out amount based on individual odds of your bet in question.

Various factors will be considered to create a value for the cash out system. Ultimately, the final price you get is what the sportsbook deems to be the value of the wager at that time.

So, you don’t have to worry about the original wager amount affecting your cash out prices. Instead, real-time odds are what end up determining the value of your cash out.

A closer look at cash out

In order to know whether or not you should cash out early, it’s best to understand the pros and cons of the feature. Let’s take a look at both the benefits and drawbacks to get a more holistic picture of what this feature entails:

Pros to cash out

  • Minimizes risk
  • Guarantees some earnings or minimizes losses
  • Creates a more exciting game

The benefits of early cash out are pretty simple and obvious. Because of early cash out, you can cash out early to ensure at least some earnings or reduction of losses. As a result, you don’t have to lose as much money even if your bet doesn’t hit.

Obviously, a reduction of losses is great in the short term, but it is also beneficial in the long term.

The key to being a great sports bettor in the long run is being able to reduce losses.

With early cash out, you can reduce losses for more success in the future.

Another great benefit of the cash out feature is it simply makes the game more exciting and fun.

When you don’t have to worry about losing it all, you get to enjoy the game.

The game is even more exciting with cash out since the feature acts as a form of live betting.

You get to debate whether you should cash out in real-time for ultimate excitement!

Cons to cash out

  • Reduced earnings
  • Not guaranteed

As you would imagine, the biggest drawback of using the cash out feature is that it comes with reduced earnings.

In the case that you would have lost the bet, this won’t mean much. However, cashing out early only to find out that you could have won the full amount is very annoying.

Something else to know in advance is that cash out features are not available for all selected markets.

Bookies always have the right to suspend the market, which means cash out functions can be temporarily paused based on the bookmaker’s discretion.

Why do some Bookies offer cash out?

One question you should always ask yourself is whether or not the feature benefits you or the sportsbook more.

Given that the upsides of early cash out seem to be much more advantageous than the downsides, it’s a natural question to wonder why sportsbooks offer this feature in the first place.

Just as cash out reduces loss for bettors, it also reduces losses for the sportsbook.

Sportsbooks offer this feature because they know some people will cash out early and end up getting a lower payout than if they had just held out.

Thus, sportsbooks get to save money from the reduced earnings.

In the case that bettors correctly cash out and earn more than if they had waited until the end of the game, sportsbooks still get a bit of a cut.

Players that keep getting some money are more likely to come back to play. As a result, sportsbooks offer this feature to keep their players engaged and coming back for more.

Should I cash out?

Whether or not you should cash out depends on the odds and the flow of the game. During the game you bet on, you can always check out the cash out calculators to see potentially how much you could earn if you cashed out at that moment.

In the case that it is looking like the game may not go in your favor, cashing out early is a great idea since you might be able to get a good chunk of the money.

Cashing out is an even better idea if you are already losing. It can help you mitigate losses so that you aren’t out as much.

That being said, there are times when you should not cash out.

If it looks like your bet will hit, don’t cash out, unless you want to receive less money, which nobody wants! Instead, hold out so that you can receive the maximum payout.

In other words, you should cash out sometimes but not all.

Consider each game and bet you place individually before deciding to use this feature.

UK betting sites with cash out

Over the last few years, the cash out feature has exploded in popularity.

Nearly all of the most popular UK betting sites have some form of cash out feature, even if it falls under another name.

Here are some of our favorite UK sports betting sites with cash out:

  • William Hill
  • Vbet
  • Betfred
  • BetVictor
  • Paddy Power
  • Coral

Most of the above-mentioned betting sites with cash out offer both in-play and partial cash out.

Not to mention, they offer some of the most comprehensive betting opportunities for serious and amateur bettors alike.


Is cash out legit?

Yes. The cash out feature is legit on all reputable UK new betting sites and more established bookmakers.

Can I cancel a cash out?

All cash outs are final at every UK sportsbook.

After you accept your cash out, your bet will be settled at the current price, and you cannot go back on your bet.

As this fact shows, there is a risk and reward element of utilizing this cash out feature since you might cash out too early, resulting in a reduction of earnings.

When can I cash out on my bet?

You can cash out on a bet on any event that is still taking place or has not finished yet.

What is a market suspension?

Bookmakers have the right to suspend their markets at any time.

If the bookmakers decide to suspend the market, the cash out function will be temporarily shut down as well.

This may happen if there is a penalty during the match. That penalty must first be ratified before the cash out option is available. Bookies can suspend it for other reasons too.


The cash out is a feature of most UK sports betting sites that you should take advantage of at times.

Because it lets you settle the bet early, you can minimize your losses and even guarantee some money at times.

Of course, the money you get will always be a reduction of your maximum payout.

So, consider whether cashing out early is worth it based on the game in front of you.

Being smart about when you use this feature could help enhance your long-term sports betting game.


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