Best new bookmakers for UK players this month in 2024

new bookmakers

Today, we highlight some of our favorite picks among the UK’s best new independent bookmakers. These online betting options provide the best security, competitive odds, and great bonus offers.

From to BetZone, StarSports, and BetGoodwin, we’ll be detailing the factors that make these bookmakers safe and, therefore, worth recommending in our eyes. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of joining sites like these and the factors that make them worthwhile, in our opinion. 

Continue reading along to get the full picture and familiarize yourself with four of our favorite new bookies for UK bettors. We’ll even tackle the question of whether these sites present better odds compared to other sites. So stick around until the very end to find out!

Best New Independent Bookmakers

BetZone,, StarSports, and BetGoodwin are four decent online UK bookmakers that we recommend for their well-rounded selections of benefits and features. Familiarize yourself with some reasons you might want to consider these new bookmakers.



BetZone is one of our favorite new indie bookmakers in the UK because it offers a complete array of betting markets – from horse racing to major sports, virtuals, live, and more. We also like that BetZone features a Safe Zone complete with tools like deposit limits, play breaks, and self-exclusion for more responsible gaming.

BetZone also supports secure online Visa/Mastercard payments, iOS and Android mobile betting, and full customer support. BetZone is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission.

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Next up is – a licensed and regulated UK bookie that offers many of the same features and benefits as BetZone. features markets for nearly 2 dozen sports, as well as in-play betting options.

Players can benefit from price boosts, best odds guaranteed on horse racing events, secure Visa/Mastercard payments, customer support, and responsible gaming tools. Overall, this is a trusted betting site, even for beginner online gamblers.

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StarSports bet Review

StarSports is another UK bookmaker that we like. StarSports focuses on sports betting (lots of football markets), greyhound race betting, horse race betting, virtuals, in-play markets, and more. StarSports even has a special news feature for updates and stats related to betting markets.

Players can bet with Visa/Mastercard debit, cheques, and bank transfer. Customer support is offered via phone or email at this Gambling Commission-licensed bookmaker. Players can even avail of special deals like NBA time-and-a-half offers and build-a-bet bonuses.

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BetGoodwin Review

Last but not least, we want to highlight BetGoodwin – a new UK bookmaker with great horse race betting opportunities. From free bet promos to the best odds guaranteed on UK; Ireland greyhound, and horse races, there are a lot of deals available.

BetGoodwin also supports live and pre-game sports betting markets for football, basketball, esports, cycling, darts, and other sports markets. This UK licensed and regulated site has a secure cashier, responsible gambling tools, and customer support including live chat and email.

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Pros And Cons Of Using New Independent Bookmakers

Now that you’re aware of some of the new indie bookmakers you might consider joining, take a moment to learn about the upsides and downsides of joining them. Some bookmakers will suit certain gamblers better than others.


  • They have the most up-to-date online gambling features
  • They feature competitive market odds
  • They are secure, licensed, and trusted in the gambling industry
  • They often support mobile betting
  • They have some of the best online betting promotional offers
  • They feature large varieties of sports to bet on


  • Many don’t accept credit card payments from their cashiers
  • There is less focus on American sports leagues
  • There aren’t as many options for crypto betting
  • Transactions can be somewhat slow
  • They don’t have very extensive industry experience compared to older sites

Can You Trust New Bookmaker Sites?

Although new bookmaker sites are recent and adopt new betting features, they are generally trustworthy. The bottom line is that you need to find a licensed and regulated site via the UK Gambling Commission if you want to game safely in the UK online.

Below are some of the features that these new bookmakers employ to make them more secure and safe to use.

Privacy Policies

A privacy policy is listed on most gambling sites. On the new bookmaker sites we listed today, the privacy policies detail methods of encryption, account verification, information privacy, and other factors.

These sites make their efforts transparent to their customers so that you know what you’re getting into when you decide to join.

Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming is basically a commitment a bookmaker makes to only allow bettors to play if they meet legal requirements. This means that they screen account holders for information like date of birth and location.

Often, responsible gaming sites also feature tools to help players manage their bankrolls and play more responsibly. These tools include:

  • Self-exclusion
  • Deposit limits
  • Betting limits
  • Time outs
  • Account holds
  • Etc.

Encryption Methods

Aside from responsible gaming, new bookies are adopting better methods of safeguarding their sites against hackers. Many bookmakers will employ SSL encryption and require players to use two-factor authentication methods when logging into their accounts.

This helps to ensure that the only people who can access your financial and personal details are you and the bookmaker.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

We can also tell when a new UK bookmaker is safe and secure by checking out past customer reviews. If customers who have used the desktop or mobile betting features have generally been satisfied, that is a good indication that the site is a-okay.

But keep in mind that this shouldn’t be the only factor you consider when determining whether or not a sportsbook is safe.

Licenses and Regulations

You really shouldn’t join a sportsbook online if it isn’t licensed and regulated. In the UK especially, you want to find new bookies licensed by the Gambling Commission. Luckily, all of the sites we highlighted today are.

You can check at the bottom of a site’s homepage to find this information most of the time.

Industry Trustworthiness

And of course, we care what other industry pros have to say about the betting sites that we review. Part of why we recommended these sites as safe is that other industry pros have tested and tried these sites as well, and they gave them a thumbs-up.

Why We Think These Are The Best New Betting Sites In The UK

But don’t just take our word for it when we say these sites are the “best” new bookmakers. It’s worth noting the major factors that went into our choices, such as the features and benefits of joining these sites, design, live betting, mobile betting, and more.

Competitive Odds

The first thing to note is the opportunity to access competitive odds at new bookies. You might have noticed that the 4 sites we reviewed above all had deals like “best odds guaranteed”, “price boosts”, “free bets”, and other promotions.

Deals like these should not be overlooked, as they are sometimes even more valuable than the large, flashy welcome bonuses found at other online sportsbooks.

You’re likely to find good odds at sites like BetZone and BetGoodwin for the same or lesser prices than you’ll find at other betting sites.

Wide Selection of Sports and Markets

We also like to promote these bookmakers because they have a lot to offer. When we find a sportsbook that features 10-20 sports on average, in addition to racing markets, virtuals, and esports markets, we are impressed.

These offerings provide a truly well-rounded online gambling experience so that even newbies can get a taste of what gaming is like.

Keep in mind that the markets at these sites are mainly geared towards sports that Europeans seek out, like Aussie Rules, football, cricket, etc.

Live In-Game Wagering

Another great feature of these bookmakers is the selection of in-game betting markets. Players can live stream their favorite sports and wait until kick-off to place a wager. While this feature isn’t necessarily exclusive to new UK bookmakers, it is prominent for new sites.

Sometimes, these sites even promote special deals for live markets, such as odds boosts or free bet promo opportunities.

Decent Bonuses and Other Rewards

Although the 4 sites we highlighted in this guide don’t often have the large-value sign-up deposit bonuses that other sites have, they have good rewards elsewhere. Players can often find “best odds guaranteed”, free horse racing bets, boosts, sportsbook/casino rewards, and so much more.

This is just another reason it’s worth considering joining one of these sites. The opportunities to increase your chances are almost too enticing to pass up.

Excellent Customer Support Systems

Next, we want to highlight the modern, secure, and well-designed customer service offerings at new bookmakers. Players can now choose from several options for banking, betting, and other forms of support.

From email support to telephone support and even live chat functions, there is always a way to get in touch with a representative and resolve an issue.

And although not all of these sites will offer 24/7 service 365 days a year, they will provide reasonable service hours to UK customers.

Mobile Betting Options

We are happy to report that these 4 sites do offer great mobile betting experiences. Whereas many other UK bookmaker sites lack viable mobile betting apps or features, sites like BetZone and StarSports have associated apps you can download for free from the Android and iOS app stores.

These apps usually allow players to make many of the same wagers, transactions, and more all from their mobile devices. You can even contact support through these apps and avail of live wagering opportunities.

Multiple Safe Banking Methods

The sites we highlighted today also have secure and safe cashiers. Cashiers exist to streamline the deposit and withdrawal transactions of sports betting players. The main methods you’ll find, which are accepted almost everywhere globally, include Visa and Mastercard.

And although credit card gambling is not allowed in the UK, you at least have a reliable method you can count on at every new bookmaker site.

You don’t have to worry about third parties getting access to your private financial information.

Well-Designed Betting Sites

And last, of all, it’s worth noting how well-designed and planned out these bookmaker sites are. Online sports betting platforms, are organized so that you can easily find your favorite sports, live markets, bet slips, cashier, and FAQs with the click of a button.

With newer bookmakers comes newer website technology and a better user experience as a result. You don’t have to worry about these betting sites glitching, stalling, or leaving you with computer viruses.

Do New Sports Bookmakers Offer Better Odds?

It can be difficult to say for sure whether the new bookmaker sites offer better odds if you don’t know what you’re comparing them to. Suffice it to say, though, that the four sites we featured in this guide often do have more competitive betting odds compared to other UK platforms.

This is due to the special opportunities you get at these newer bookmakers, such as odds boosts, better odds guaranteed on greyhound and horse racing bets, and free bet promotions.

Without making a blanket statement about all new sports bookmakers, it’s worth noting that many of them do present better odds compared to competitor sites.

Summary – New Bookmaker Sites

New bookmakers for UK sports bettors include the likes of BetZone,, StarSports, and BetGoodwin. We recommend sites like these because they are secure and safe, licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, trusted in the industry, and committed to responsible gaming guidelines.

From increased odds to a plethora of live wagering opportunities, mobile betting apps, superior customer support options, great site designs, and a huge selection of sports events to bet on, these sites have it all.

Even if you are new to UK online sports betting, there is something to benefit from at each of these new bookmaker sites.