Best New Betting Apps for UK Players in 2024

New Betting Apps

Betting has never been more convenient than on a mobile app. Gone are the days of betting being restricted to the local bookie, or even an online betting platform. It’s now easier than ever before to whip out your phone and bet, either ahead of time or in play.

The quality of the betting app now more than ever determines which sports betting provider you should bet with.

Sports betting apps began life as rudimentary mobile-native interpretations of sports betting websites.

In some cases, early-generation apps were simply a direct replica of the online betting experience, bringing the browser window view onto mobile in a way that was perhaps marginally easier for punters to access.

Today, new sports betting apps offer their own experience and one that is very much preferable to betting online in-browser.

As with all things new in sports betting, some providers have risen to the challenge more than others.

With new bookmakers seemingly launching every other week, comparing and contrasting their different sports betting apps for iOS and Android is now a critical decision-making factor for many in search of a new betting partner.

We review a lot of different sports betting sites, with the opportunity to try out and test the offer from a number of providers.

In no uncertain terms, there are three new betting apps that stand out to us in the UK market for 2023 – BetZone, StarSports, and

BetZone Sports Betting App

BetZone Sports Betting App

The BetZone app is lightweight and nimble, clocking in at just an 8MB download size so it doesn’t clog up your smartphone.

But don’t let that fool you – behind the streamlined, user-friendly design lies a powerful betting engine that delivers you some of the best odds money can buy across a huge range of sports.

The team behind BetZone has been in the business since the 70s, with a chain of some 50 physical betting shops up and down the country.

While physical betting shops aren’t always the fastest movers in the digital world, the BetZone brand shines through as an example of a more established offline company making a splash in mobile betting.

The full range of website features is there for you to choose from, easily navigable from the drop-down menu.

And with BetZone’s long-standing reputation as part of a leading national betting chain, you can be sure the backend delivers for the front.

Download the BetZone AppDownload the BetZone App

StarSports Sports Betting App

StarSports betting App

A somewhat newer entrant to the world of sports betting apps, StarSports is a no-nonsense brand that gets directly to the heart of what’s important – good odds, good promos, and none of the fluff.

A wide selection of markets is available from the StarSports betting app, and with in-play options available across the board, you need never be too far away from the action.

Wherever you roam, with the StarSports betting app in your pocket, you’ve got access to thousands of potential bets in just a few taps.

Apps are available for iOS and Android users, with each providing the full sports betting experience – just as you’d expect from the website.

The difference here is that you don’t have to rely on your phone’s browser, nor sacrifice any of the usability StarSports has so clearly prioritised in developing their mobile app experience.

Download the StarSports AppDownload the StarSports App Sports Betting App


Rhino bet Review stormed onto the scene with ready-formed apps for iOS and Android users.

Live in-play betting is at the heart of what is about, and the app feels more user-friendly for live betting than a lot of competing apps out there.

There’s a wide range of markets available, but make no mistake, this is a no-nonsense betting site – there’s enough there for most punters, without feeling overwhelmed by the selection on offer.

The layout is straightforward enough, and you’ll have no problems downloading the app, placing bets, or cashing out – it’s all designed to be intuitive to the touch.

The app consistently scores highly in reviews for this combination of user-focused design and functionality.

Download the AppDownload the App

Which is the Best New Sports Betting App?


With the three contenders above, it really is hard to pick between them.

All three offer an incredible betting experience from the palm of your hand, and it’s worth considering other factors about each sports betting operator rather than going by app alone.

But if we compare the essential features, that can go a long way to pointing you in the right direction.

By selection of markets, you’d be hard-pressed to do better than BetZone.

The odds here are second to none, and you can expect to bet on a wide range of sporting events – more than enough for anyone to find what they’re looking for.

For in-play betting, we’d recommend StarSports, which offers the best selection of in-play markets for you to get your teeth into.

In terms of usability, takes some beating, with everything falling neatly under the hand as you’d like it.

There’s no faffing around trying to find what you’re looking for. It’s all laid out in a way that’s easy to understand, even for those inexperienced at mobile betting apps.


Weighing up all the factors, we would veer towards BetZone if you’re looking for a solid all-rounder.

That’s not to discount the others at all, all of which have something to offer. But with the reputation that stands behind them, combined with the features of the app itself, it’s hard to look too far past BetZone for your mobile sports betting.

How To Choose from the Best New Sports Betting Apps?


Choosing the right sports betting app for you comes down to a little trial and error, or at least experience, to establish what it is you’re looking for.

Of course, it’s not always feasible to sign up for a million different sports betting apps, and no one wants to sit for hours trialing different apps on their device.

Far better than to take an overview of the different apps and their features, and apply this to your own knowledge and experience of betting on mobile, to make the right call for you.

We review betting apps so you don’t have to and aim to give the most comprehensive picture possible in terms of what each betting app has to offer, and how the sports book behind it stacks up.

When making your decision, factor in things like the selection of markets, the odds, and the betting interface – this is the stuff you interact with directly as you’re betting through an app. Hence, it makes sense to prioritise these features when coming to a decision.

You’ll also want to look at things like in-play betting and cash-out, and whether this is available, as well as specific mobile app promotions, bonuses, and odds enhancements.

And then there are also features such as payment facilities, and specifically how easy it is to withdraw money from your betting account when the time comes.


What Are The Features of the Best Betting Apps?


The best sports betting apps have these features in abundance and allow you a streamlined, hassle-free experience on the backend while providing a wide selection of markets and favourable odds at the front.

It’s this combination of the betting side, and the user side, that separates the good from the great when it comes to sports betting apps.

We recommend looking for apps that have an excellent, intuitive interface, so it’s easy to place bets both ahead of the action and in play.

Ideally, you want to be reaching for apps with in-play options too, so you can get as close to the action as possible for a broader range of potential betting opportunities.

Ultimately, you want an app that has the backing of a sports betting site that is tried and tested, having proven itself with other punters as a trustworthy place to do your betting business.

Also look out for live streaming, and for other value-add features within your apps – it’s these kinds of details that can make the difference, and can keep you coming back for more with a betting app that feels like home.




Sports betting apps come in all shapes and sizes, particularly amongst new betting sites, where apps are often still a work in progress.

Choosing the right one can be the difference between a positive gambling experience and a bad one, so it pays to put in the time and effort to research your options before taking the plunge.

At, we’ve done that homework for you, conducting full and thorough reviews of various betting apps to help you reach that decision.

Whether you fancy the usability and the betting markets of StarSports, or you’re here for the in-play at BetZone, there’s something for everyone amongst the new generation of mobile apps for sports betting.