Football Bore Draw – Best Uses! Updated for April 2024

Bet365 Bore Draw Explained

Updated: 24 April

Welcome to our article explaining what “Bore Draw” means in the world of betting. More specifically, we will also explain the football Bore Draw offer and how it can benefit your football bets.

What is a Bore Draw in Football

Firstly though, let's clear up what the meaning of bore draw is;

Bore Draw refers to the letdown feeling you get when you experience a no score, 0-0 result in a football match.

This is especially felt if you have placed a Correct Score (other than 0-0, of course!) bet on the football match.

So this is when you start to feel somewhat elated because you realise that although your Correct Score bet has lost – because you'd placed a 2-1 or 1-1 bet, for example – you will get your stake money refunded! – so you'll get another chance on another bet.

This is what's called the football Bore Draw Offer.

How the Football Bore Draw bet works:

  1. Place a pre-match Correct Score, Half Time/Full Time, or Scorecast wager on ANY Soccer match.
  2. The bookmaker will refund your stake if the game completes 0-0 and the bet loses.

My take and Football tip for using Correct Score bets

I'm a bit of a fan of correct score bets on football matches due to the bigger odds available.

One way I approach these types of bets is to have up to 3 correct score bets on the exact match to cover more outcomes.

If the odds are around 6/1 or bigger for each bet, I'm still up for a good profit if any of them comes in.

Plus, using the bookmaker's football bore draw offer, I may get a refund on my bets if it's a blank scoresheet.

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