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Available on selected races. Applies to Each Way, Single and Multiple bets only. Best Odds Guaranteed doesn’t apply. Ante Post bets don’t apply. Minimum number of runners applies. T&Cs Apply.

Betfred pays out more on Racing Bets with their Super Extra Places on selected races.

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Maximize your winnings with Betfred's Super Extra Place Races! Offering more payout places for higher winning chances. Exclusions and T&Cs apply

  • Sport Offer Horse Racing - Super Extra Place Races
  • Applies to Daily Horse Races - check website or this page for details
  • Chance to collect when your horse places
  • Better chance of receiving a payout with an each way bet
  • Applies to multiple bets too
  • Unique offer - not offered by other bookmakers online
  • Best Odds Guaranteed doesn’t apply
  • Ante Post bets don’t apply
  • only applies to specific races

How Betfred’s Super Extra Places Can Fill Your Wallet!

Are you a horse racing enthusiast looking for ways to maximize your winnings? Look no further than Betfred’s innovative “Super Extra Place Races.” This feature could be your golden ticket to bigger payouts and more excitement at the track. In this review, I'll share my personal journey with Betfred's offering, dissecting how it works, and the advantages it brings to the betting table.

Understanding Super Extra Place Races

Betfred’s Super Extra Places

Betfred's Super Extra Place Races are a special betting option that offers additional payout places on selected horse races. This means that instead of the standard top three or four places, Betfred extends payouts to fifth or even sixth place under certain conditions. This not only increases your chances of winning but also enhances the excitement of each-way betting.

How to Participate

Participating in the Super Extra Place Races is simple:

  • Identify Eligible Races: First, check Betfred's promotions page or the Horse Racing homepage for races labeled as ‘Super Extra.’ These are the events where extra places are available.
  • Place Your Bets: Once you’ve selected a race, place an each-way bet on it. If your horse finishes within the extended places, Betfred pays out at the agreed terms.

This promotion is applicable only to Each Way, Single, and Multiple bets, and does not apply to Best Odds Guaranteed or Ante Post bets. A minimum number of runners are required for the race to qualify for extra places, ensuring fair play and competition.

Reasons to Try Betfred’s Super Extra Places

  • Increased Winning Opportunities: The additional payout places significantly boost your chances of winning, making each bet more likely to return.
  • Simple and Inclusive: Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a casual punter, this feature is straightforward and adds value to your bets.
  • More Exciting Race Days: The possibility of additional payout spots keeps the excitement going longer during the race, making each moment more thrilling.

My Personal Experience with Super Extra Places

I first tried out the Super Extra Places on a whim during a busy race day. I placed a small each-way bet on a horse with 12/1 odds, not the favorite, but definitely a contender. The race was tense, and my horse lingered at the edge of the usual payout positions.

To my delight, it managed to clinch the fifth place, which, thanks to Betfred’s offer, meant a win for me! This experience was not only profitable but also gave me a deeper appreciation for strategic betting.

Pros of Super Extra Place Races

  • Increased Chances of Winning: With more positions eligible for a payout, your probability of winning increases, making each bet potentially more lucrative.
  • Enhanced Betting Excitement: The excitement of horse racing is amplified as more positions become relevant to the outcome of your bet, keeping you engaged until the very end of the race.
  • Inclusivity: The feature caters to all levels of bettors, from novices to seasoned enthusiasts, making it easy to understand and participate in.

Cons of Super Extra Place Races

  • Limited Availability: The extra places are only available in select races, which might not include every race you are interested in betting on.
  • Exclusion of Certain Bet Types: The offer does not apply to Best Odds Guaranteed or Ante Post bets, which could be a drawback for bettors who prefer these types.
  • Dependency on Minimum Runners: The offer is contingent on having a minimum number of runners, which can occasionally lead to the cancellation of the extra places if the race does not attract enough entries.

Final Thoughts

Betfred’s Super Extra Place Races are a fantastic way to enhance your horse racing betting strategy. They not only offer more opportunities to win but also bring extra thrill to your race-watching experience. From my own successful encounters with this feature, I can attest to its value in making race days more profitable and enjoyable.

Remember, betting involves risks, so always approach gambling with caution and responsibility. With smart planning and a bit of luck, Betfred’s Super Extra Places could indeed help fill your wallet!

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