Every Premier League Team Ranked by Longest Home Unbeaten Streak Updated for April 2024

Every Premier League Team Ranked by Longest Home Unbeaten Streak

Updated: 26 April

Among the litany of issues currently plaguing Liverpool – a lack of league goals, a dwindling chance of winning the title, their recent FA Cup exit – is the puncturing of Anfield as the most intimidating ground in the top flight.

Their 1-0 loss to Burnley in January brought to an end a 68-game unbeaten streak in the league, one that stretched back to the spring of 2017.

But how does that compare to the longest home unbeaten streaks of the rest of the Premier League?

Well, for starters, the Reds’ own personal best still falls short of the overall league record – Chelsea’s towering 86-game unbeaten streak in the mid-to-late noughties.

Of the teams that haven’t won the league, Newcastle come out best, putting together a 26-game run at St James’s Park. Small comfort in the present – they haven’t come close to that in more than 15 years.

Joint-bottom of the current crop are Crystal Palace and Brighton, both of whom have at best managed a 6-game streak at home. Somewhat forgivable for the Seagulls; they’re only in their 4th season of top flight football. For Palace, however, that’s a miserable record in 11 and a half seasons in the Prem.

And who are the home-form killers? It’s probably no surprise that Man United have played spoilsport for 4 separate club records: Crystal Palace, Leeds, Man City and Arsenal.

So, what are the longest home unbeaten streaks for every team in the Premier League? Take a look below!

Longest Home Unbeaten Streak in the EPL

  1. Chelsea – 86 games (20th March 2004 to 5th October 2008)

The kind of record that may never get broken, this particular run stretched across 6 separate seasons, Chelsea’s 1st and 2nd ever Premier League titles, and the tenures of Claudio Ranieri, Jose Mourinho and Luiz Felipe Scolari.

Liverpool can take some glee in the fact that, though they may not have matched the Blues’ record, they did end it on 26th October 2008 with a 1-0 win a Stamford Bridge.

  1. Liverpool – 68 games (7th May 2017 to 17th January 2021)

Even during the empty era of the pandemic, the ghosts of Anfield made sure that Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool never walked alone.

Their silver medal-winning performance is bookended by goalless draw against Southampton and and Man United, before being nixed by an 83rd minute Burnley penalty mid-week.

  1. Man City – 37 games (26th December 2010 to 1st December 2012)

Quite a drop off from 2nd place, Man City pick up bronze with a home unbeaten run that fell a few weeks shy of 2 years.

It will stick in the craw of City fans that the streak was shut down by Man United, courtesy of an injury time strike from Robin van Persie.

  1. Man United – 36 games (26th December 1998 to 2nd December 2000)

Right up the rear of their rivals, Man United carried their fearsome form at Old Trafford into the new millennium, through the latter half of their treble-winning season into their 3rd consecutive title in 00/01.

United actually have another remarkable run under their belt – a 35-game stretch from December 1994 to November 1996.

  1. Arsenal – 32 games (7th May 2003 to 23rd January 2005)

Finally it’s the turn of the Invincibles. Arsenal’s PB starts with a 6-1 win against Southampton at the tail end of 02/03, goes all the way through 03/04, with their final home victory a 1-0 run-out against Newcastle.

And then, heartbreak. Already the era of the Invincibles had been ended by Man United. Alex Ferguson and co. did it again to the Gunners’ home record a few months later, a brace from Cristiano Ronaldo helping them to a 4-2 win.

  1. Newcastle – 26 games (23rd February 1994 to 8th April 1995)

A throwback to when Newcastle weren’t potential relegation candidates, but title contenders.

One of the oldest records, starting in the 2nd season of the Premier League, the Magpies have the best run of any team not to win the title.

  1. Leicester – 20 games (24th October 2015 to 22nd October 2016)

Could it be any other period? After being walloped 5-2 at home to Arsenal, Leicester failed to lose in their next 15 fixtures at the King Power Stadium, a run that saw them sweep to the title.

They came crashing back down to earth in 2016/17, however. After 5 further unbeaten games at home, the Foxes suffered a 2-1 defeat to West Brom.

  1. Tottenham – 19 games (20th August 2016 to 14th May 2017)

One of Tottenham’s great if onlys, 2016/17 saw them unbeaten at home in their final season at White Hart Lane. Yet it wasn’t enough for them to win the league, finishing 7 points shy of Antonio Conte’s Chelsea.

Any hopes of extending that record into the next season were then dashed as they lost their first ‘home’ game – at Wembley – 2-1 to the defending champions.

  1. Everton – 17 games (12th January 2013 to 14th December 2013)

Everton’s 17-game unbeaten streak – beginning with a goalless draw against Swansea, and  culminating in a 4-1 win over Fulham, before slumping to a 1-0 loss to Sunderland – means it is the shortest of the 6 sides never to be relegated from the Premier League.

  1. Leeds – 16 games (30th August 1993 to 17th April 1994)

Despite a long time away, Leeds still crack the top 10 with a 16-game unbeaten streak at Elland Road.

Like with Newcastle, however, you have to go back some way – the record is contained to the 2nd ever season of the rebrand, and was ended by *shakes fist* that dastardly Man United.

=11. West Ham – 15 games (14th September 2015 to 20th April 2016)

If not quite as impressive as Tottenham’s White Hart Lane finale, it is still fitting that West Ham’s strongest ever performance at home came in their last season at the Boleyn Ground.

Since the move to the London Stadium, West Ham’s best home unbeaten streak is just 6 games. However, at the time of writing, they are on a run of 4 games unbeaten, with a visit from Liverpool at the weekend.

=11. Aston Villa – 15 games (10th February 2001 to 17th November 2001)

Not for a decade have Villa been able to pull off the kind of run managing across 2001. They’ve had better overall finishes since then – both 2000/01 and 2001/02 saw them come in 8th – but none with such a successful streak at Villa Park.

  1. Southampton – 13 games (11th May 2002 to 1st January 2003)

Southampton’s best home run came across 2002 and 2003, when St Mary’s remained loss-less for 13 games.

Their most-interesting run, however, came in 2004/05, where they went unbeaten at home for 12 games and still came in 20th place with 32 points.

  1. Wolves – 10 games (19th January 2019 to 25th August 2019)

The latter half of their return to the Premier League – where they shocked everyone with a 7th place finish – saw Wolves maintain a 10-game unbeaten streak at Molineux. It came to a crashing halt not long into 2019/20, as they lost 5-2 to Chelsea.

  1. Fulham – 9 games (22nd October 2005 to 11th February 2006/18th October 2008 to 22nd February 2009)

Twice Fulham managed to stitch together a 9-game unbeaten streak at Craven Cottage, first under Chris Coleman, then during the tenure of Roy Hodgson.

 Sheffield United – 8 games (12th September 1992 to 16th January 1993)

You need to go all the way back to the inaugural season of the Premier League to find Sheffield United’s club record 8-game unbeaten streak.

 =17. West Brom – 7 games (3rd January 2005 to 26th April 2005)

During the period of time where the Baggies were regularly dipping in and out of the top flight, they put together a 7-game streak at the Hawthorns at the start of 2005, under the command of Bryan Robson.

=17. Burnley – 7 games (19th January 2020 to 15th July 2020)

After Liverpool, this is the most recent record on the list, taking place either side of the covid-19 break that played havoc with 2019/20. The Clarets managed 7 games unbeaten before losing at home to Brighton on the belated final day of the season.

 =19. Brighton – 6 games (9th September 2017 to 28th November 2017)

The Seagulls are yet to best their debut season in the Premier League, where they managed a 6-game unbeaten run at the Falmer Stadium.

 =19. Crystal Palace – 6 games (10th February 1993 to 12th April 1993/14th October 2017 to 12th December 2017/27th April 2019 to 28th September 2019)

Thrice have Crystal Palace strung together a 6-game unbeaten streak, between February and April 1993, October and December 2017, and April and September 2019.

Longest Home Unbeaten Streak in the Premier League by games number

  1. Chelsea – 86 games
  2. Liverpool – 68 games
  3. Man City – 37 games
  4. Man United – 36 games
  5. Arsenal – 32 games
  6. Newcastle – 26 games
  7. Leicester – 20 games
  8. Tottenham – 19 games
  9. Everton – 17 games
  10. Leeds – 16 games
  11. West Ham – 15 games
  12. Aston Villa – 15 games
  13. Southampton – 13 games
  14. Wolves – 10 games
  15. Fulham – 9 games
  16. Sheffield United – 8 games
  17. West Brom – 7 games
  18. Burnley 7 games
  19. Brighton – 6 games
  20. Crystal Palace – 6 games

Reference: Spreadex

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